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About Fabric Art Bowls

Connie Taxiera ~ Fabric Art By Connie

Fabric art bowls make intriguing and unusual gifts. They can be used for both display and holding anything that you can imagine beyond liquids. Because they can be reversed to the opposite side, they are like two bowls in one. Leaf and flower inspired shapes are interesting and novel for wall display, and come with a wall mounting ring on the back. I use mainly 100% cotton hand-dyed batik fabrics for their beautiful, organic appearance.

I create the bowls beginning with a flat base of cotton duck cloth, which gives my bowls a sturdy, yet flexible form. Using fusible web, I bond my fabric choices to the bases. The bowls take their 3-dimensional shapes as I cut out or overlap darts. The top edges are finished with either satin stitching or  more fabric fused over the edge. For the finishing touch, I add lots and lots of freeform thread play which adds color and strength. See Links page for books on construction of fabric bowls, vases and boxes

  • Some bowls include a "wall mounting ring" on the back for wall display.
  • Bowls are reversible by gently pushing inside-out.
  • Bowls are hand washable with mild soap, no chlorine bleach, then air dry.
  • Fabrics have been fused together and cannot shrink.
  • Bowls are sewn into permanent shapes using darts.
  • All fabrics used are 100% cotton.

Some ideas for what to put into bowls include:

  • Foods like candy, nuts, crackers, breads, fruits, vegetables, and packages of teas, coffee or other drink mixes.
  • Small desktop, dresser and nightstand items, sewing room, living room, bathroom and kitchen items.
  • Decorative items like soaps, potpourri, flowers in a low vase or dried flowers.
  • As a basket for presenting gifts. 

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